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Client Training Testimonials

Quotes I attended 2 Training classes. When I arrived i was greeted with a pleasant welcome and smile. I learned so much in just a short period of time it was amazing. A'Kiyia is a phenomenal teacher. I took two classes, fluffy twist and individual braid class. And yes with her approval I passed the test and received my certificates of completion. If you listen and apply yourself you will learn a lot. A couple of days later I put individual braids in my hair and my husband said they looked so professional. I am looking forward to taking more classes. Thanks again A'Kiyia. Grace Quotes

Quotes It's so wonderful to have you as my trainer. I am so satisfied with the training video that I received. You was very patient with explaining step by step. I am so grateful to have found you on YouTube Akiyia. Thanks Quotes
Business Owner

Quotes I am a complete novice at cornrowing and A'Kiyia was an absolutely wonderful teacher. She was extremely patient and encouraging while taking the time to show me the proper technique step by step. After 2 hours with her I picked up more knowledge than I ever had trying to figure it out by myself. Now I'm home practicing and getting better and better! I am now looking forward to cornrowing my daughter's hair! Yay! I can FINALLY cornrow - thanks A'Kiyia! Quotes
Tiffany A

Quotes I had a great learning experience with Akiyia! She made me feel very confident with my work. She inspired me and I hope to one day to have thriving, successful business as well. I am grateful that I had the opportunity to master the art of braiding under this wonderful teacher! Quotes

Quotes A'Kiyia is an excellent teacher! I love her positive spirit and the patience she demonstrates during teaching. Her instruction is clear and she will make sure you have it right before leaving. I am looking forward to learning other techniques from The Great A'Kiya!!!! Quotes
Eboni Young
Excellent Teacher!!!

Quotes A'Kiyia did an absolutely beautiful job with my daughter's braids! They are GORGEOUS! She is so friendly, and makes you feel right at home. A'Kiyia cares about the health of the hair; and doesn't braid so tightly that she damages your edges. We really enjoyed our appointment, and will defintely be back again! Quotes
Owner, Jace Beauty

Quotes I had a session on February 10, 2013 with A'Kiyia for a cornrow class with extensions to improve my hair braiding technique for weaving. I was truly blessed!! In a matter of minutes A'Kiyia was able to identify my issue and provide me with immediate help. I was elated and so excited to leave my session feeling confident that I can provide clients improved braids and even better weaves! A'Kiyia is patient, personable, professional, and talented! I will be in another one of her classes soon! Quotes
Tiffany K.
Awesome Class!

Quotes Wow, I am so excited I attended the "kinky twist" training class taught by A'Kiyia on Feburary 1,2013 when I left the training, after only two hours,I knew how to do them professionally. I have booked my first client. That's the results you get when you have a GREAT instructor. Thank you A'KIYIA Quotes
Lesia Tyson

Quotes A'Kiyia, December 4,th 2012 was a very exciting day for me. After attending your Weave Class I'm able to take my career to the next level with confidence. You are an awesome teacher, you are patient, warm and possess a wealth of knowledge. I felt very encouraged. From you I have gained valuable knowledge on different weave styles, different textures of hair, the importance of using the proper styling utensils, and how they apply to the design I want to create. God Bless You, Thank you so much, Connie Quotes

Quotes Thank you so much Akiyia for your insight and knowledge on natural hair. I really appreciate you showing me how to wear my kinky twist and I look forward to hiring you as my natural hair care stylist.... Quotes